• Automatic Washing Filter Press

    Features Auxiliary cake removal and extendable cloth mechanism significantly improves the cake removal rate for high-viscosity and high-density filter cakes.   Automatic rinsing filter cloth mechanism improves filtration efficiency and reduces t

  • Chamber Filter Press

    Chamber filter press is easy to operate and maintenance as the filter press is compressed by the hydraulic jack system and mechanical locking. The maximum filtering (squeezing) pressure is 4.0 Mpa(40 Bar). The filter press adopts the reinforced PP fi

  • 1000㎡ Fully Automatic Quick Opening Filter Press

    Quick Opening Filter Press is an automatic equipment which could meet demands of quick material-feeding, quick plates-drawing and cake-discharging.

  • Mobile Filter Press Plant Filter Press Mobile Platform

    The Mobile Filter Press Plant, through the compact equipment layout and pipeline connection design, can be accommodated in the modified container for vehicle-mounted movement.

  • Anti-Corrosion Filter Press

    Plate & frame design. Plate material is stainless steel. Normally material is S.S.304, and SSS316 can be customized.

  • Ultra-High Pressure Membrane Filter Press

    The ultra-high pressure membrane filter press can be divided into two molds: Double cylinder and mechanical locking.

  • Automatic Discharge Filter Press

    Automatic Discharge Filter Press can be divided into three types: handle vibrating, filter cloth vibrating and curved vibrating filter press.

  • Chamber Filter Plate

    The chamber plate frame is integrated within the chamber filter plate thus significantly enhancing the plate's stability. This enables chamber filter plates to be used at much higher filtration pressure levels. Optional cake and plate thicknesses are

  • Membrane Plate

    Membrane Filter Plates offer a number of advantages including drier filter cakes & increased solids; faster cycle times; improved cake washing capabilities; and increased production rates. The principal types of Membrane Recessed Plates include Fixed


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