• Chamber Filter Plate

    The chamber plate frame is integrated within the chamber filter plate thus significantly enhancing the plate's stability. This enables chamber filter plates to be used at much higher filtration pressure levels. Optional cake and plate thicknesses are

  • Membrane Plate

    Membrane Filter Plates offer a number of advantages including drier filter cakes & increased solids; faster cycle times; improved cake washing capabilities; and increased production rates. The principal types of Membrane Recessed Plates include Fixed

  • 800-2000 Series filter plate

    Longyuan has big size plate production capacity, plate size from 800 to 0000 according to customer requirements

  • Frame Filter Plate

    Frame Filter Plate

  • Rubber Membrane Plate

    Mould pressing by patent technology and high strength and light weight. Embed rubber membraned into body plate, detachable strcuture, membranes can be replaced and disassembled easily, low cost. Longyuan offers embedded type rubber membrane filter pl

  • PP Membrane Plate

    Molded by patented technology, high strength, light weight, high temperature resistance, high pressure, anti-corrosion. Adopted the embedded filter cloth structure, no leakage during filtration with a sealing rubber ring, has excellent sealing proper

  • Filter Plates With Different Feeding Methods

    Upper Feeding Filter Plate, Center Feeding Filter Plate, Angle Feeding Filter Plate


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