800-2000 Series filter plate
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    Hangzhou, China
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    12 Months
Longyuan has big size plate production capacity, plate size from 800 to 0000 according to customer requirements
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Longone has big size plate production capacity, plate size from 800 to 2000 according to customer requirements.

Filter cake thicknesses and filter plate thicknesses are freely configurable depending on the application and filtration conditions. The plate formats vary from 400mm x 400mm up to 2000mm x 2000mm with a cake thickness of 15mm up to 50mm and thus allow an optimal adaptation to the filtration tasks. In this context, we offer a variety of inlet types and plate designs with chamber or membrane technology for older as well as newer makes and third-party systems. Depending on the application, the inlet positions are located in the upper corner, in the center or on the upper side of the filter plate. Filter press plates with membrane technology allow mechanical squeezing of the filter cake after the actual filtration process, which results in a higher dry matter content. These filter press plates are available either with permanently integrated membranes or with replaceable membranes on request.


Chamber filter press plates and membrane filter press plates can also be supplied in gas-tight & drip-tight designs (CGR). Depending on customer requirements, filter press plates can be individually designed and retrofitted to any existing and commissioned filter press. Filter presses from Longyuan Filter Press meet the specific requirements of different applications and industries by equipping each filter press with the appropriate filter plates.

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