What is The Working Principle Of Filter Press
Posted on:Date:2024-01-16

The four main components of a filter press are the frame, filter plates, manifold (piping and valves), and filter cloth. Plates with a filter medium are arranged in a stack (usually filter cloth), that allows the liquid to pass while retaining the solid particles. As the feed pump of the presses operate, filter solids start to form in the filter chamber until they completely fill it, forming a filter cake.   Once the chambers is full filled, the filter press is activated, and pressure is applied to the slurry. The pressure forces the liquid through the filter medium, leaving the solid particles behind. The filtered liquid then passes through the outlet port and is collected in a separate container.   Filter presses are an essential equipment for various industries that need to separate solids from liquids. And LONGONE have more than 15-year experience in various industries. Including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, mining, metal smelting and wastewater treatment.   A Filter Press is most commonly used to dewater sludge made from industrial wastewater treatment plants. In China, LONGONE filter press leads waste water treatment solutions.   In some cases, the first step of dewatering in a filter press is chemical conditioning. This is normally achieved by dosing a polymer into a mixed sludge storage tank upstream of the filter press. The flocculant will bind the sludge particles to larger flocs that are thicker and easier to dewater from the press.   The slurry is then introduced through the center of the press where it fills the chambers between the plates. The pressure forces the liquid through the Filter Cloth, whilst solids are retained between the plates. The filtrate flows between ridges in the plates to the corners where it discharges.   The stages are as follows:

  1. The chamber is empty, but has been sealed closed by the hydraulic ram. The press is ready to receive wet solids.
  2. The wet solids are fed into the chamber. The solids begin to fill the chamber void.
  3. The chamber void is full. Pressure builds and water is filtered through the filter cloths.
  4. The cycle time is ending. The feed has stopped, allowing the hydraulic ram to be retracted-solid cake falls from between the Filter Plate.

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